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[ux_image id=”1679″ image_size=”original”] [gap] [row v_align=”middle” h_align=”center”] [col span=”10″ span__sm=”12″] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”Can this smoothing ACQUACOCO DETOX treatment be used on all hair types?”]

THERE ARE NO RESTRICTIONS on the application of the product.
It can be applied to all existing chemical processes: permanent/semi-permanent coloring, vegetable/henna coloring, bleaching, highlights, etc. And on all hair types: frizzy/afro, curly, curly, wavy, soft, thick, fine, broken, dry, fragile, etc.
Hair with excessive porosity and a history of breakage/brittleness should be given extra attention during the plate straightening step (maximum temperature of 180 degrees).

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Should I color before or after the smoothing ACQUACOCO DETOX treatment? And my discoloration?”]

The coloring must be done AFTER the smoothing detox treatment and preferably after 2/3 washes. Indeed, because the treatment is likely to lighten dyed hair by one or two tones.
Bleaching must be done BEFORE the smoothing detox treatment and preferably wait 2/3 washes.
Indeed, because bleaching is an aggressive chemical process, it is therefore more profitable to treat the hair in depth afterwards, thanks to our detox/smoothing treatment.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Why does some hair show a color change? Is this normal?”]

Each acid product causes degradation reactions on the amino acids that form keratin (hair protein).
When tryptophan, cystine, and methionine undergo degradation, you see a yellowish color appear which is proportional to the degradation. Someone who has bleached or dyed hair already has oxidation stains (due to hydrogen peroxide from bleach and dye products).
Therefore, the degree of amino acid degradation is much higher on them than on someone who has not bleached or dyed their hair.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Is this treatment compatible for pregnant and breastfeeding women?”]

YES because it is formulated without formaldehyde but also without sulphate, without paraben, without silicone, without mineral oil.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”What is the difference with other smoothings?”]

Beyond smoothing, ACQUA COCO DETOX is an extreme triple therapy.
It alone combines the advantages of several treatments such as the smoothing effect of Brazilian smoothing, the repairing/hydrating effect of a deep botox treatment and finally the shiny effect of a tannin treatment.
Its unique formulation based on OXYCOCONUT, makes it a high-end smoothing product but above all an extreme and deep 3-in-1 treatment: REPAIR – FLEXIBLE SMOOTHING – EXTREME SHINE.
It has the unique ability to repair and smooth the most fragile and difficult to straighten hair.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”How much product do I need per person?”]

The amount of product varies a lot from hair to hair. For example, a quantity of 100 ml can be sufficient for long but fine hair as well as for short but thick hair.
It is not necessary to “soak” the hair in product or to saturate the hair to obtain a smooth and supple result.
Simply apply the product close to the root and evenly stretch the product over the entire length with a fine-toothed comb.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”How long does it take to apply ACQUACOCO DETOX?”]

It will take on average 2h30 to 3h00 depending on the length and thickness of the hair:

10 min wash and dry
20 min product application
45 to 60 min of application of the product on the hair
05 min wash
15 min blow-dry
45 min of plate strand by strand
You can do this with 2 people if you want to reduce the time.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”How long does the ACQUACOCO DETOX treatment last on the hair?”]

The effect varies according to hair type but will be visible for an average of 4 months, provided you use a SULFATE-free shampoo and conditioner when washing.
Also, our care being a thermoactive product (which reacts to heat), it is advisable to dry your hair with the heat of the hair dryer in order to reactivate it regularly.

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